Blemish Clear Toner – Hydrating Face Mist


Blemish Clear Toner/Hydrating Face Mist by Ageless Glow is a multi-purpose nutrient packed skin toner, best for clearing blemishes off the face, neck, softens, glow, soothes and hydrating the face and neck.

It is also rich in preventing and clearing sunburn and chemical burn/damage.


The Ageless Glow Blemish Clear Toner is one step closer to a blemish free and even face tone, contains the right and beneficial ingredients to help;

▪️Tones the face and body without overdrying it.
▪️Cleanses the skin completely and helps control excess oil production.
▪️ Helps renew dead surface skin cells and keep pores clean.
▪️ Helps diminish the appearance of eczema and patches.
▪️ Helps diminish the appearance of eczema and patches.
▪️ Helps clear tough spots and sunburn.
▪️ Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.
▪️ Soothes burning sensation and redness.
▪️ Does not irritate skin.


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